Fenty & Sade

Fenty & Sade

All things Sade, everyday. That woman sure knows how to get me inspired. Her voices depth, her flawless skin, these are just some of the things I admire her for. But on this day, it was more than just the music. I have been a huge fan of the Fenty makeup line, and let me tell you, her lipsticks do not disappoint. I am all for matte lipsticks and eyeshadows, and Rihanna has brought us just that. Todays shade is called Unveil, and it is straight off the Stunna Lip Paint series. The smooth application and lightweight feel will have you thinking you’re walking around with bare lips. But don’t be fooled, the color is vivid and it is long lasting. I re-applied only once this night, and it’s only because I grabbed a quick bite to eat while on the go. Most importantly, I was repping two strong, black women, who inspire me to strive for greatness everyday. 

P.S. I’m wearing my new go to eye shadow palette, Mad for Matte by e.l.f. cosmetics in “Jewel Pop.” 

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