Shopping for Glitz

Shopping for Glitz

It has arrived! If you’re following my Instagram story, you probably know what I’m talking about. If not, you’ve missed out. But, I’m here to update you on my tree topper drama. I am a huge fan of all things Amrezy (makeup artist and all around fab girl). So when Amra posted a fabulous video of her Christmas tree, I instantly fell in love. Specifically, I fell in love with her TREE TOPPER! This is what life has come to. I am now endlessly obsessed with Christmas decorations. It used to be that my mother would push me into Macy’s to help her choose ornaments for our annual tree, but now it’s me doing the pushing. Oy vey! Long story short, I went on the hunt for this incredible topper designed by none other than Nicole Miller. It’s a true beauty. I found that Balsam Hill was carrying said topper, and I rushed to order in hopes it would arrive in a timely manner. I WAS WRONG! My topper never arrived come the 4 business days I was told to wait. So I called FedEx, but they’re weren’t very helpful (No surprise here). I then waited patiently come Day 8, still no topper. So with my lingering infatuation I set out to contact Balsam Hill in hopes that they would tell me my topper was already enroute. Nope. This was not the case. There was more beating around the bush and of course I was growing frustrated. I now had a fully decorated tree and no topper. The struggle, right?! I decided I wouldn’t wait any longer so I drove to Macy’s and lo and behold I found a cute tree topper that lite up the word “Star.” So I put my frustration aside and trekked it home with my new find. I had been living with my “Star” tree topper for 5 days when all of a sudden I hear my doorbell ring. I ask “who’s there?” And the person on the other side of the buzzer says “FedEx.” Heh?! I wasn’t expecting these guys. But I open the door in hopes that maybe I ordered something and they chose to ship with FedEx last minute. When I fetch the box from the sweet delivery man, I see this tiny burgundy print that reads “Balsam Hill.” I literally almost dropped the box and lost my mind. MY TREE TOPPER WAS FINALLY HERE! And yes, these are the things that bring joy to me this day and age (shrugs). I quickly open the box and find the most majestic decorative tree topper one could ever feast their eyes on. WOW! It is even more beautiful in person. So I leave these photos with you all so you can awe and drool a bit, as I initially did (and still do). Enjoy!

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