Nauman @ PS1 MOMA

Nauman @ PS1 MOMA

This has now been my second time attending a Bruce Nauman exhibit, and I am left mesmerized each time. My first Nauman exhibit was at the SanFrancisco MOMA in 2017. The pieces that always catch my eye are of course the brightest; his neon sign installations. I would give anything to own one of these pieces. Each time I look into the different variations of colors and messages Nauman uses, I gain inspiration. I fantasize that one day I too might have my name stretched out fourteen times vertically like Nauman’s 1967 piece, ‘My Last Name Exaggerated Fourteen Times Vertically.’ It’s all wishful thinking of course, but there is no denying how unique each and every one of his pieces is. I leave you with some of my favorite pieces, and recommend that each and everyone of you takes the time to visit this exhibit.

Bruce Nauman; ‘Disappearing Acts.’ On display at the PS1 MOMA until February 25, 2019.

Also! Don’t miss out on the Laurel Atwell & Jessica Cook Open Studio Performance at PS1 MOMA on Sunday, January 13 @ 3PM EST. RSVP on Eventbrite –FYI– Free Admission with MOMA/PS1 MOMA admission tickets.

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