Spring Open House @ MOMA PS1

I’m honestly still in an art daze after experiencing the MOMA PS1 Spring Open House. This has to be one of my favorite shows to date. This feeling could also have been triggered by the Gina Beavers exhibit, “The Life I Deserve.” The three dimensional aspect of her work really takes her paintings to new levels. I took so many photos that I really had to think long and hard about the few that were best suited to share with you all. I have never seen anything quite like this before. But this was also the sentiment with a lot of the other work being exhibited. I stumbled upon a few short films by the “Karrabing Film Collective” (an indigenous media group from Australia who uses filmmaking and installations to bring awareness to the indigenous population). These films were both informative, and gave an in-depth look at the issues the indigenous people of Australia face regularly. As I moved along the hallways of PS1, my eyes were drawn to the colorful and bold paintings by artist Zheng Guogu. His works are a mixture of Chinese calligraphy, religious icons and traditional gardens. His techniques range from two-dimensional illusions formed by the application of multiple layers of paint or paint piping, to a transparent effect with his use of milder colors over the more bold choices in some of his paintings. It was hard to miss this vibrant room. This is definitely a must-see exhibit. However, Nancy Spero’s work gave me a sense of the dark and twisted with her “Paper Mirror” exhibit. There were a few photos of her work I chose not to publicize because they were a bit incendiary and controversial. AND TRUST ME WHEN I SAY I AM ALL FOR CONTROVERSY, but these were a bit much. I definitely suggest everyone take a trip over to her exhibition on the 3rd floor. I found some of her more “morbid” work really interesting and I decided to share a few pieces in MY GALLERY. Titus Kaphar and Reginald Dwayne Betts exhibition, “Redaction,” was extremely timely for the current political climate we find ourselves in. Redaction exhibits sketches of people currently incarcerated, along with poems inspired by their legal documents. There are redactions in the poems in order to mimic the redactions often found on these legal documents. Their work was both inspirational and profound on so many levels.

Don’t miss out on these incredible exhibitions. The Karrabing Film Collective, Elena Lopez Rivera and Titus Kaphar and Reginald Dwayne Bett’s exhibitions will be on display until the month of May. Nancy Spero and Zheng Guogu’s exhibitions will be available until June 23rd. Lastly, Simone Fattal, Gina Beavers and the Hock E Aye Vi Edgar Heap of Birds will have their work exhibited throughout September.

And remember! MOMA PS1 is free for all NYC residents.