Alice Neel

Warhol @ The Whitney

I had the pleasure of visiting the latest Andy Warhol Exhibit, “From A to B and Back Again,” and it was one for the books. It’s the second time visiting a Warhol exhibit (the father of pop-art), but this one was by far the best one. The Whitney Museum truly outdid themselves. Unfortunately, The Whitney has been dealing with some serious backlash due to the latest accusations of the chairmans involvement in the distribution of tear gas on the Mexican/American border. I am very well aware, and do not condone this behavior. In my opinion however, the art should speak for itself and not become a direct correlation of the chairmans obscene behavior. So please enjoy some of my personal favorites by some incredibly talented artists like Jasper Johns and Frank Stella, and of course Andy Warhol himself (just to name a few). Till next time!

P.S. For a full line-up of the photo’s taken during my visit, check out my photo gallery