Tomorrow is the first day of summer, and although this weather hasn’t been very giving, I’m still excited for all of these summer events. Take a look at what our first weekend/week of summer has to offer.


June 21st @ 8AM {Queens Botanical Garden}: Grown Up Flowers. Don’t miss out on the latest exhibition at the Botanical Garden; Grown Up Flowers. On view until September 2nd, and created by Play Lab, Inc. “Grown Up Flowers imagines flowers inflated many times their normal size, giving visitors a new perspective on these iconic and playful representations of beauty.” For more information CLICK HERE.


June 21st @ 5PM {Riis Park Beach Bazaar}: Friday Night Sunset Lobster Jam (Bay 9).


June 21st @ 6PM {Sunnyside}: Summer Solstice Celebration at Lou Lodati Playground. “Help us kick off summer in grand fashion! We’ll party until the sun goes down on this longest day of the year, and then keep going! Activities will include Silent Disco, performances from Queensboro Dance Festival and much, much more!” Lou Lodati Playground is located at 43rd Street & Skillman Avenue, Sunnyside. This event is FREE!


June 21st @ 7PM {Museum of Moving Image}: Flaming Creatures and two films by George Kuchar. As part of the Grit and Glitter: Before and After Stonewall series, MOMI brings us Flaming Creatures and two films by George Kuchar. “If avant-garde cinema and pulp pictures had drugged-out sex, Flaming Creatures would be their wicked offspring. It remains Jack Smith’s most potent, intuitive, and visually provocatively response to the deadening forces of what he called ‘our rented world.'”—Donal Mosher. For tickets and more information CLICK HERE.  


June 21st @ 8PM {Flushing Town Hall}: Queens Jazz Orchestra: It Ain’t Over Yet. “This concert is the title of QJO’s Music Director Jimmy Heath’s latest big band album “It Aint Over Yet”, a testimony to his life and long legacy of great music.” For more information Click Here.


June 22nd @ 9:30AM {Rockaway Brew Co.}: Brew Cruiser. Don’t miss the Brew Cruiser this summer, a shuttle bus leaving from Rockaway Brew Co. located in LIC to Rockaway beach every Saturday this summer. The shuttle starts at 9:30AM and leaves its post every 2 hours after. If you purchase six tickets, you get a free six pack of your choice. For tickets and more information CLICK HERE.


June 22nd @ 11AM {Queens Botanical Garden}: Pick and Prep: Farm Fresh Foods. Come to the farm at Queens Botanical Garden to harvest fruits and veggies and prepare a light lunch together. Click here for ticket information.


June 22nd @ 12PM {Riis Park Beach Bazaar}: Reggay Lords + DJ Alexander Orange Drink of So So Glos. Free entry for the public.


June 22nd @ 12PM {Riis Park Beach Bazaar}: Roland and Brother Rich at Riis Bazaar (Bathhouse). Free entry for the public.


June 22nd @ 2PM {Museum of Moving Image}: A Taste of Honey. As part of the Grit and Glitter: Before and After Stonewall series, MOMI brings us this “play, and eventual film, that addressed gender, sexuality, race, class, and family relations with a uniquely luminous mix of tenderness and weary honesty.” For more information CLICK HERE


June 22nd @ 2PM {Museum of Moving Image}: The Muppet Movie 40th Anniversary Celebration. As part of Jim Henson’s World (2019) & The Muppet Movie 40th Anniversary Celebration, MOMI brings us a live event with special guests Ed Christie (puppet designer/builder), Calista Hendrickson (Muppet costume designer), and puppeteer John Lovelady. For more information CLICK HERE.


June 22nd @ 2PM {Museum of Moving Image}: Three The Hard Way. As part of the See It Big! Action series, MOMI brings us this “action extravaganza, uniting three of the best black tough-guy actors in the business around one absolutely wild premise, having them race against time to prevent a white fascist group from dropping a toxic agent harmful only to black people into the water supplies of Washington D.C., Detroit, and Los Angeles.” Click Here for more information.


June 22nd @ 4:30PM {Museum of Moving Image}: An Actor’s Revenge. As part of the Grit and Glitter: Before and After Stonewall series. “In a seventeenth-century Japan created entirely on stage sets, a female-impersonating Kabuki actor carries out a morally complicated revenge, all the while inciting desire and breaking the hearts of men and women with his perfect feminine beauty. Reprising his original 1935 film role Kazuo Hasegawa gives an astounding double performance as both the tragic hero/heroine and the do-gooding thief who falls under the actor’s androgynous spell. Combining social satire, Kabuki tragedy, and martial arts choreography, An Actors Revenge is a dazzling homage to theatricality and ‘realness.'”—Donal Mosher. Click Here for more information.


June 22nd @ 6:30PM {Museum of Moving Image}: Set It Off. As part of See It Big! Action series, MOMI brings us this classic film about “Four women take the law into their own hands and try to get some payback by robbing a bank. Emboldened after pulling off the heist, they continue their crime spree by taking on bigger banks, and with higher and higher stakes.” Click Here for more information.


June 22nd @ 7PM {Museum of Moving Image}: The Gospel of Eureka. As part of the New Adventures in Nonfiction (2019), Momi brings us this film about how “Love, faith and civil rights collide in a southern town as evangelical Christians and drag queens step into the spotlight to dismantle stereotypes. The Gospel of Eureka takes a personal, and often comical look at negotiating differences between religion and belief through performance, political action, and partnership. with Gospel drag shows and passion plays setting the stage for one hell of a show.” Click Here for more information.


June 23rd @ 5PM {Knock Down Center}: Soft Territories: Closing Reception. Join KDC as the Soft Territories exhibit comes to a close. There will be a live jazz performance by The Rodrigo Recabarren Trio. This event is free to the public. For more information CLICK HERE.


June 23rd @ 12PM {Riis Park Beach Bazaar}: DeFalco Presents: Locobeach at Riis Park Beach Bazaar (Bay 9). Free entry for the public.


June 23rd @ 12PM {Riis Park Beach Bazaar}: DJ Lefty Hernandez Summer Beach Parties! at Riis (Bathhouse). Free entry for the public.


June 23rd @ 4:30PM {Museum of Moving Image}: Portrait of Jason. As part of the Grit and Glitter: Before and After Stonewall, MOMI brings us Portrait of Jason, where “indie trailblazer Shirley Clarke invites us to spend one drunken night with Jason, a flamboyant hipster, a self-proclaimed ‘stone whore,’ and a linguistic dynamo.” For more information CLICK HERE.


June 24th @ 7PM {Bohemian Hall Beer Garden}: The Paint Place. Bohemian Hall Beer Garden is hosting a 21+ paint and sip night. For RSVP information, CLICK HERE.


June 27th @ 6PM {Queens Botanical Garden}: Flower Power Party: Lavender. Celebrate PRIDE at Queens Botanical Garden with performances by ¡Retumba!–and–join in the making of flower crowns along with other botanical art activities. Don’t miss this colorful event. For more information CLICK HERE.


June 27th @ 7:30PM {Astoria Park}: Astoria Park Fireworks. “The Astoria Park fireworks show is one of the most special summer evening nights in Queens, NYC. 2019 marks 35 years of magic! Presented by Central Astoria, LDC., the fireworks ceremonies start at 7:30 pm while the Fireworks show will begin at sundown around 9:00 pm. The 2018 Independence Celebration will feature a special performance by the Queens Symphony Orchestra followed by a spectacular fireworks display. ” This event is FREE!


June 27th @ 9PM {Superchief Gallery}: XXXtreme Drag Wrestling. Choke Hole in collaboration with Superchief Gallery bring us a World Pride Edition event. This event will be hosted by Hugo Gyrl and Laveau Contraire, with performances by Charlene, Hara Juku, Serena Tea and many more. For tickets and more information, Click Here.


Museum & Gallery Opening Exhibitions:

Mrs. GalleryDoldrums by Oona Brangam, Mike Goodlett, Emily Ludwig {On view June 22nd to August 2nd}

MOMA PS1: MOOD: Studio Museum Artists in Residence 2018-19 {On view until September 8th}

Queens Botanical GardenArt In The Garden: In Full Bloom {March 29 to August 25}

Socrates Sculpture Park:Chronos Cosmos: Deep Time, Open Space {On view until September 3rd}

New York Hall of ScienceMundos Alternos: Alien Toy by Rubén Ortiz Torres {On view until August 18th}

New York Hall of Science3D Theater; Backyard Wilderness 3D {On view until September 30th}

Sculpture Center:Ektor Garcia: Cadena Perpetua{On view until July 29th}

Sculpture Center: Matt Keegan: What was & What is{On view until August 18th}

Sculpture Center: Jean-Luc Moulène: More of Less Bone {On view until July 29th}

Noguchi Museum:Noguchi: Body-Space Devices by Brendan Fernandes{On view until May 3, 2020}

Museum & Gallery Closing Exhibitions:

Knock Down CenterSoft Territories by Victoria Mangeniello, Simón Sepúlveda, Sarah Zapata {Closing June 23rd}

“Chronos Cosmos: Deep Time, Open Space” @ Socrates Sculpture Park.

Socrates has one of the best curatorial teams, hands down. Each season, and even every exhibit, showcases these magnificent variations of art and sculpture that I’ve rarely been able to experience on such a large scale. The sheer size of each exhibition, the coordinating themes, the interactivity of each piece and the environment. These are just some of the reasons I keep coming back. Each visit allows me to form a new sense of understanding with each individual piece that is on view.

Their latest exhibit, Chronos Cosmos: Deep Time, Open Space, is no different. It felt like I waited a lifetime to see this up close and personal. I’m not the most patient person, so I did visit the park during the construction of Chronos Cosmos, but nothing compares to seeing the finished product. I want to start off with Miya Ando’s piece, 銀河 Ginga (Silver River). It was like walking under an unobstructed starry nights sky. I walked the entire distance, following the bright stars printed on the navy fabric, as if looking at a clear nights sky on the outskirts of the city. It felt peaceful, and transported me somewhere far, away from the city’s commotion.

Vessel III, by Radcliffe Bailey also transports you beyond the bunker-like sculpture he created. As soon as you enter this steel structure, your attention is automatically drawn upward due to sounds being emitted from a hanging conch shell. You then realize there is a large opening at the top of the structure, allowing you to look straight out at the blue skies. The conch, along with the cylinder shape the steel frame forms, both heighten the sounds coming from the speakers placed within the conch shell by Bailey. Bailey’s Vessel III is definitely a great place to stand still and take in the elements of sound and nature.

I was genuinely taken aback by Heidi Neilson’s Moon Arrow. Neilson’s piece has a mechanism that allows it to move with and point at the moon. It also uses the movement of the moon to mark time. This occurs whether the moon is visible or not. A time lapse of the project is also available if you Click Here. If you stand very still and focus your eyes, you can literally see the arrow moving with the moon. These are very small movements, so focus is definitely necessary, but it puts so much into perspective. I think we all forget that Earth is constantly rotating. Neilson’s Moon Arrow reminded me just how perfect our planet and its functions can be.

I truly recommend everyone pay a visit to Socrates Sculpture Park. Also, keep an eye out for their Roots Saturday’s and Yoga/Tai Chi in the Park this upcoming weekend. Admission to the park, as well as all of their events, are free of charge. For more information Click Here.

Socrates Sculpture Park

Wow! Just WOW! I can’t even begin to tell you how magical Socrates Sculpture Park is. It is hands down one of my favorite parks in Queens. It could be due to my childhood infatuation with the park. My dad would always drive past it on our way to Costco. I would ask if we could take a peak inside, but my parents were always on a mission to get the groceries and get home. I would see these huge steel sculptures peaking out from behind the parks bushes. Sometimes I would even stick my head out the window, hoping to get a better look at the sheer magnitude of these pieces. They were MASSIVE! I was also barely a teenager, and still a tiny human being who felt this city was this scary and larger-than-life place.

However, Socrates never ceases to amaze me, and that’s hard to do for a strict critic like myself. They really BROUGHT-IT with their current exhibitions. From artist Amy Brener’s “Fort-dress” (a translucent hot-pink partial shelter that encompasses the female body and form) to Nathaniel Cummings-Lambert’s “Corral,” (a labyrinth made up of wood fencing and gating, inspired by animal pens found in rural areas) there is art for every taste. I actually got lost for a bit and almost lost my sanity while attempting to get through Corral. It’s hard to admit, but I’m really not the brightest when it comes to paying attention to directions, very much like my driving. Although it was both fun and annoying to lose myself in a labyrinth, nothing beats Sherwin Banfield’s “A Cypher in Queens.” For a girl from Queens there is literally nothing cooler than seeing your childhood hero’s propped up like gods in gold. Sherwin has created three statues, one for each of Queen’s fallen hip-hop soldiers (Jam Master Jay, Phife Dawg, and Prodigy) and he was somehow able to incorporate speakers, so as you’re looking up at your hip-hop gods you’re also listen to their greatest hits. How sick is that?!

I suggest that everyone, and I mean EVERYONE go and check out Socrates Sculpture Park in the next fews days. Rumor has it we’re in for some warm weather, so what better excuse to take in the sun while enjoying some awesome art. Also, if any of these pieces caught your attention, I suggest you pay the park a visit on or BEFORE March 24th, as this will be the last day they will be exhibited thanks to a recent extension by park administration. Admission to the park is completely FREE!

In the meantime, here are some of my favorite flicks from my visit.

The Noguchi Museum

Enter a world of zen. That is honestly the best way I can put my experience at The Noguchi Museum. This Queens museum, located in Long Island City near another local staple, Socrates Park, is filled with concrete sculptures and innovative light installations, among other pieces highly influenced by Asian culture. I was lucky enough to have chosen one of the warmer winter days to tour the location because the museum also holds one of the most beautiful gardens. Although there is a small $10 fee to enter this enclave, the garden is well worth it and they even have a small cafe in case you want to sit back and relax after hauling up all three floors. The museum is expansive, so give yourself some time to really be able to enjoy each floor and take a nice amount of photos. I can definitely see myself returning during the spring and summer months, just to be able to enjoy their garden. It really is such a beautiful place to get away from city commotion.

The Noguchi Museum exhibits the work of Isamu Noguchi, the famous Japanese-American sculptor, along with other visiting artists. The museum is currently exhibiting “Akari: Sculpture by Other Means,” a maze of collapsable paper cyclinders and “Akari Unfolded: A Collection by YMER&MALTA,” an art collaboration of six designers. Both exhibitions run through April 14th on the second floor of the museum. You really don’t want to miss it.

Here are some of my favorite pieces, as well as a few photos from the garden. For more photographs, please visit my Gallery.

“A Continuous Stream Of Occurrence” @ THE KNOCK DOWN CENTER

Artists William Lamson and Luba Drozd have come together under the same roof to exhibit their works at The Knock Down Center. Yesterday was the grand opening of their exhibition, “A Continuous Stream of Occurrence.” Lamson’s exhibit, “Bad Water,” was a combination of blown glass, aluminum piping, glass pipes wrapped in a foam-like substance and fluorescent lights, among other materials. The combination of all of these substances and materials organically formed the illusion of a frozen river. You could even say the structures resembled a water fall, as they were stacked up on a metal shelving unit about 5 shelves high, and as you worked your way to the bottom shelves the pieces stretched out onto the gallery floor. Although a bit cryptic, the flow of the art caught my attention. The placement of these pieces gave the exhibit a natural flow that captivated each and every person who entered this particular room. We all found ourselves squatting down and rising up in search of new discoveries. I walked around the structure at-least twice, checking to see if maybe any details or elements were missed on my last go-around. But I have to be transparent. The artist that really captured me was Luba Drozd and her “Franconia Notch” exhibit. I was instantly captured by the projections on the walls. As soon as you walked into the room you saw shadows, glass hanging from copper wires, large rocks wrapped in wiring while hanging from the ceiling, and copper pipes shooting out of drywall. The most exceptional part of the exhibit for me were the tactical projections. The shadows on the wall were not all formed by the beautifully placed hanging-glass structures, some were actually being projected and mimicked the movement of a few of the objects within this room. My eyes were being tricked, and this fascinated me. I recommend everyone take at least 5 to 10 minutes to really let the structures on the walls sink in, and then slowly let the projections come to play. I found this both fun and interactive.

“A Continuous Stream of Occurrence” will be on display at The Knock Down Center until April 28th of this year. Entry is completely free. Doors are open to all: Thursday through Friday from 5PM to 9PM and Saturday to Sunday from 2PM to 8PM.

On a side note… They have a cute bar inside KDC called “The Ready Room.” So make it a date and get drinks after your walk-through!

Check out my Gallery for more photos on this event.